Connecting with creation, quote photo

Connecting with creation, quote photo
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Steve Jobs Quotations

To connect with creation.

No one has heard
Things that no one has seen
To create is
No one can do it.

Imitation is not creation.

Daily accumulation
Innumerable unrelated points
By continuing to hit
The history that was made.

Present and its history

Looks like there is no law
The stars of the universe
Like creating a galaxy

The invisible law
In myself
Aged and
To create
It’s creation.



I am a leisure person. My motto is to have a {free time} in my heart. When I have no time in my mind, when I see and think about various things I'm stuck. Now I'm willing to spend my spare time thinking, acting, working, I want to be able to take my leisure time freely I want to be the "master of time". If you roughly write what you have been doing so far, Moved about 15...




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