Is Face Shield effective against splash infection?

Is Face Shield effective against splash infection?
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As usual, the convergence of coronavirus is not seen,
Our country is more indifferent than anywhere else,
and is another person’s affairs.

Not only in the country, I don’t think a marathon is sane at such times.
I think it’s a miracle if it doesn’t catch on in such a situation.
If Corona is as fashionable as Wuhan in Japan,
Forcibly blockade like in China
I can’t touch it,
There seems to be no facility specializing in decent infectious diseases,
If it happens, it will be repeated every time a disaster occurs,
If you are a private citizen, you only have to wait at home.
(Foreclosure of property may be imitated)
Even though there are no beds in the hospital even now,
Where should I go if the number of patients increases?
I don’t think that a hospital can be built by rush work.
I knew it,
Became the second infected country, even the inspection can not be received.
I don’t know how many people are already infected,
I bought it for self-defense,
It is a glass shield (face shield).
Corona is currently, unless mutated,
There seems to be no airborne infection, so
Measures against splash infection.

● March 14, 2020
{Additional US (New Corona Infectious Disease) Vector Report}
There is a possibility of new coronavirus survival in the air for 3 hours
There are reports that the research results have come out,
but it is unknown at this time. }


Is Face Shield Effective for Spray Infection?

Droplet infection, airborne infection, and contact infection

Bring up a bit more confusing words like aerosol infection
Do you want the number of accesses?
Leave that kind of thing
The difference between “spray infection” and “airborne infection” is
Splash infection
You get infected by bathing your cough or sneeze on your mucous membrane.
(With water)
On the other hand, airborne infection, even when water is lost,
It infects by flying in the air and inhaling it.
(A state of dancing without water such as a brim)
Coronavirus is currently
Because it is large, it is thought that it will fall before floating in the air,
Be careful of droplet infection.
Contact infection is something to be careful of together with this droplet infection.
Virus is attached to the hand when the infected person touches the mouth or nose,
Others touch something that you touch with your hand through a handrail or doorknob.
Contact infection is what happens when you touch your mouth or
nose with your hands.

Is Face Shield Effective?

If your immunity is high,
Even if there is a virus on a place other than the mucous membrane,
It seems that you will not get infected, so it is best to keep your immunity high.
The second is hand washing, gargling, and disinfection.
Up to this point, it is written well,
Furthermore, I bought it to prevent splash infection,
It is a face guard.
The part of the body where the mucous membrane is
exposed is concentrated on the face.

If you can protect your eyes, nose, and mouth,
I personally think that it is effective against droplet infection.
With a curved shield,
Coughing and sneezing that will increase,
Also, if you don’t expose the mucous membrane to the collar when talking to people,
After that, if you thoroughly disinfect and wash your hands to prevent contact infection,
If there is information that has been published so far
and the virus does not mutate,

I think it is effective.
*For reference only, this is my opinion.
If you want to do so, please use your own judgment.

Is Face Shield Effective for Spray Infection?



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