Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona

Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona
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This is my complete consideration.

New corona infections and deaths
Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China) and Europe and the United States
By comparison, China is also affected by air pollution in Asia,
Because I don’t know the real number,
Compare Western Europe with a focus on Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Italy,
More casualties in Western Europe come from vegan diets that are popular in recent years
I think malnutrition is one of the causes.
This time I saw European vegan food in Bali,
During a working holiday in Australia
I have seen European and American cooking methods.
In addition, I myself have been focusing on vegetarian food,
(I sometimes ate meat and sometimes confections.)
He has worked in organic food stores,
Not long ago, close to those who practiced macrobiotics
I have lived in some places.
Currently I eat meat, avoid additives as much as possible, mainly Japanese food and Indian curry,
Use seasonings carefully selected at a considerable cost,
I almost live by myself.
From both experiences,
vegan and malnutrition and the severity of the new coronavirus and the number of casualties
I think one of the causes is the decrease in immunity caused by malnutrition.
This time I will write about the reason.

Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona

The difference between Eastern and Western teeth

White people lived mainly in hunting,
Teeth size is smaller than Oriental
It is made to move up and down to bite meat.
On the other hand, Orientals lived mainly in agriculture,
Teeth are big,
It is designed to move sideways to grind grain.
In other words, assuming you eat vegetarian food and grains,
Oriental teeth grind millet with less nutrients
It has a structure that is easy to digest,
With white teeth, if you do not chew very carefully,
Without becoming digestible.
If it does n’t get digestible,
Nutrition cannot be absorbed efficiently.
In the case of carnivores, the nutritional value is high, so even small amounts can be nourished,
I think that you may not be able to get enough nutrients for cereals and vegetables.

Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona

Differences in food culture

Our oriental people of agricultural ethnicity are mainly rice, cereals, vegetables, fish,
The period when I could not eat meat was long,
Nutrients less than meat have been balanced.
Bake, fry, boil, fry, vinegar, steam, pickle
Fermentation is wide, and seasonings are also matched to cereals and vegetables,
We have made miso and so on to supplement the nutritional value.

Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona
Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona

In addition, they have been eating meat in recent years, which is over-nutrition.
In comparison, they have used more meat and dairy products
The vegan food from Western cuisine has a short history,
Due to the sudden change of direction, I do not think that the recipe has been established.
It looks like a diet for weight loss.
The vegans I met, vegetarians and macrobiotics
The food of the people who practice it and the food they see in restaurants,
There are few variations of dishes and the same menu
Looks like you are eating.
Many people cannot cook,
Bread, salad, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
Some people eat only fruits.
It is a source of human energy, like fuel that boosts immunity
I don’t think I get nutrients from this diet.

Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona

Proteins in meat, fats in dairy products, sugar in rice and confectionery
It is the basis for moving the body, the fuel for the internal organs to work,
Improve barrier immunity,
It is also a fuel for eliminating viruses that have entered the body.
If you want to eliminate meat and dairy products,
With cooking skills to make up for the lack of nutrients
I need deep knowledge,
If you are not a dietitian, wouldn’t it be quite advanced and difficult?

Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona
Vegan, malnutrition and severe new corona

The importance of a hot meal

Food culture in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, etc.
Of course, some foods are eaten at room temperature or cold,
The main thing is to eat warm food.
Eating lukewarm or cold foods can cool your body and your internal organs.
When the internal organs and body get cold, activity weakens and immunity decreases.
vegan food is not all, of course, but as far as I can tell
Fruits, salads and smoothies that cool your body
Many people eat mainly nuts,
Isn’t my body cold?
A cold starts with a cold, and a weakened immune system starts with a cold.
If the function of the internal organs weakens, the function of discharging toxins also weakens,
Oils such as nuts, sugars such as fruits,
And I think that you will not be able to drain water well outside the body.
If it cannot be discharged,
The body accumulates waste and swells.
As a result, vegan, vegetarian and macrobiotic should be healthy
For those who practice
My hair is dry (even if I’m not washing it with soap)
The skin has no oiliness and firmness, no physical strength,
Rather than being healthy and thin
I often look at those who are nervous.
Another characteristic is that many people are wrinkled between the eyebrows and nervous.
Being overweight is just as bad as being healthy
It is not healthy to be leaner than necessary.

What matters is balance

Oriental medicine and western medicine / science and private medicine / coping and prevention
What is visible and what is not visible
Which is better? Controversy creates bias.
I often eat sweets with European butter,
We also eat sweets with the vegan mark.
At home I avoid cooking foods with additives as much as possible.
When we eat out, we eat in a place that looks good,
I sometimes eat fried foods.
not vegan or regular meals, not meat or not,
It is important to cross well.
I can’t find a clear difference between macrobiotics and Japanese cuisine,
Japanese food and vegetarian food are also available,
You can eat with only vegetables.
The same goes for hospitals, where the base is Western medicine,
To avoid having to go to the hospital in the first place,
In order to prevent before getting sick, incorporate Chinese medicine and Ayurveda,
Experiment to see if it fits your body,
Incorporate something that fits,
You need to eliminate those that don’t fit.
Eating a biased diet is
If you create extreme thoughts and lose your balance, your mind and body will get sick.
Find out how you’re upset and out of balance,
Find out what is the cause,
You need to improve your constitution over time.
For me, vegans like vegan
I think you are malnourished.
Can not digest enough, cools the body and internal organs,
Without the knowledge to supplement the nutrients that replace meat and dairy products, immunity weakens,
Without preventing the virus,
Even if the virus enters the body, it cannot be excreted outside the body.
Some things that should be mild
Without nutrition and lack of immunity, I think it will be more severe.
Normal hand washing, disinfection, face shield, keeping a distance from others,
Along with prevention, such as wearing a mask so that others do not pass on
Improve immunity and review lifestyle
That you may have overlooked the invisible effort
please think about it.
In Italy, there is a survey that 1 in 10 people is vegan or vegetarian,
Malnutrition due to vegan diet also exists as an invisible cause
I think there is a possibility.
South Korea and Taiwan, unlike Japan, have a higher number of tests and fewer deaths
Isn’t this because the proportion of people who get severe is small?

Because it is my own way of thinking, just for reference.



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