Smecta that works against viruses in Southeast Asia

Smecta that works against viruses in Southeast Asia

Everyone brings it, and speaking of intestinal medicine, it is Shoromaru.
We also made this Bali-Cambodia 40-day trip.
I brought it from Japan, but it was not useful.
Not so much as going to the hospital,
but hygiene, fatigue, heatstroke, viruses

Diarrhea due to water, ice, spices, etc.

It’s not uncommon.
We didn’t go to the hospital.
In Cambodia, I had many times with water diarrhea.
The shoromaru of the request does not work,

When I was looking into the medicine, it came out.“smecta”It is.

How many times have he saved me?

Why in Southeast Asia this time,

Not Shoromaru,SmektaI will explain whether it is.
If you go to Cambodia or Vietnam,
FirstPlease buy smecta as a talisman.
There will surely be opportunities to be useful.


1. Why is smecta necessary in Southeast Asia?

2. What is Smekta?

3. Where you can buy and the price.

4. What can be eaten when it becomes per meal.

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1. Why is smecta necessary in Southeast Asia?


The hygiene aspects of Cambodia will be summarized in detail at a later date.
In Cambodia today, there is still some concern about hygiene.
Restaurants, hotels and cafes seem relatively okay,
As for water, there is no way to actually check it.Not determinateIt is.

As for drinking water, it is common sense to buy mineral water.

We also buy mineral water, touch the mouth,
When I washed my hands, I used a portable water purifier.
Restaurants, cafes, non-hotels, food stalls, restaurants, cheap lodgings, etc.
The hygiene is much better than before.

Even now, water problems,Cooking with bare hands
PassingBecause there is

Even if it doesn’t become food poisoning,
There is a possibility that it becomes per meal.
We also became a state like the meal many times.
(I have diarrhea, but i can eat rice.))

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

Specific examples of water and ice

As shown in the picture, it is better to avoid “ice” basically.
When you order somethingWithout iceIt is.
Except where ice cream is very reliable.
It’s safer to stop.

Because there is ice in the water served in the dining room and the cafe,

You’d better bring in and drink mineral water.It is.
(In the case of a hotel or restaurant, it is okay to bring water in the dining room and the local cafe.)
Don’t do that and ask for mineral water or ask for other drinks without ice.)
The condition of the stomach is in the drink which is heated such as coffee
It never got worse.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

When I asked for green bean coconut for dessert
For tapioca and pumpkin pudding
Sometimes they are kind and put ice in it.So
This is Also Without ice just in case.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

In Cambodia, there are quite a few beef dishes,
come out in the state of raw boiledThere are also times.
We were fine.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

“Nunpan” that we ate almost every day
HandingAndThere are a lot of raw vegetables, too.So
Choose a thriving, clean shop,
Disinfect your hands with a wet tissueand then eat.
(Wet tissueism is sold everywhere in convenience stores and other places.))

Because there are a lot of people in Cambodia who are health conscious,

Raw vegetables are included in various dishes.
Because the local people also leave it quite calmly,
It is safer not to eat anything you care about.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

A kind tuk’s driver.
They also buy me breakfast at a stall.
Can you refuse?
Thank you, but it’s delicious,
In the relay of handSometimes I eat when I go to ruins.

toilet Cambodia situation and map

It is a toilet map including the ruins of Cambodia.

Fatigue, heatstroke, spices

Perhaps the cause of the most water diarrhea caused by us is more than 10km every day.
Heatstroke caused by fatigue and severe heat and humidity that was walking under the blazing sun

It is a spice that can not become.
Southeast Asia is rich in spices,
Because the fungus which is different from the japanese fungus is found,
Until you get used to it, there are many people whose stomach becomes loose.
(And too much fruit.))
Because it causes water diarrhea by the overall factor, where is the cause?
It is difficult to judge oneself.
My personal criteria are
Isn’t it a bloody stool??Isn’t the color of the stool funny?
Do you have any stomachache?It is.
If it’s mild, is it a virus?
Are you tired?cannot be determined.
At that time, it is Smekuta that I rely on,
If you’re worried, Should go to hospital.


What is Smekta?

In a word, it also works for viruses of natural ingredients,
It is an intestinal agent that is not anti-diarrhea.
The ingredients are natural silicon aluminum (smectite)
It is a special clay collected in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea.
What’s amazing is that clay is a source of viruses and other harmful substances in the intestines.
Adsorbed and discharged along with stoolby
It is to be able to stop diarrhea.
It flows without coughing.
When it comes to food poisoning, it is necessary to spread harmful viruses,
Diarrhea prevention is counterproductive,
Smeks areDischarge while running a virusAnd
ThatWill you stop diarrhea as a result?It is an excellent thing.

Because Shoromaru does not work for viruses,

Smeka is good in Southeast Asia and other countries.
The method of drinking contains a small amount of water and swallows it.
It’s interesting.
The taste is also orange and delicious like sweets.
Some countries have prescriptions, so don’t use them for long periods of time.
Overdoses are
undigested food or severe constipation
may cause.


3. Places and prices you can buy

Siem Reap is the more you walk to the pharmacy.
So I say smeka,
Because it is a major if I show an image immediatelyYou can buy it without a prescription.

Because it can be bought at the rose sale of 80 cents per package, it says the necessary date.

There are three bags of adults a day.

You can buy smectors in Japan.

Actually, it is expensive in Japan, but you can buy it.
Smectattemin 10 packs
If you don’t have time to buy it locally, take it with you.


4. What can be eaten when it becomes per meal.

Cambodia is very helpful because there are few spicy dishes.
There aren’t many things as refreshing as in Japan.
Because it is not possible to cook for oneself, it is quite easy to eat to the stomach and intestines.
It’s hard to find.
When we were actually drinking smecta
I’ll put what I was eating in the Local restaurant.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

It is a “pobo” that comes out only in the morning time.
It is refreshing, the soup stock is effective, it is rich and delicious.
It is also recommended when you are not breaking your stomach and intestines.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

Rice noodles.Lemongrass is working,
It is a gentle taste with a little sweetness,
There is a richness, and this is the noodle that I want to eat from usual.
The one in the photograph is chicken on it, but there is also the one without.

If these are in a state where you can’t eat,

Should go to hospital.

Besides, bread is better than Japanese pastry and bread.

I don’t use margarine, so
It is easy to eat.
Also, there is Umeboshi in the dried fruit corner of lucky mall.

Smecta if you break your belly in Southeast Asia

If you break your stomach in ruins, you will be returning there.

I believed that Smeka played an active part at such a time and made it into an article.



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