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Quotations photo by the noise of other people's opinions
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Quotations photo by the noise of other people’s opinions

Steve Jobs Quotations Due to the noise of other people’s opinionsDon’t let your inner voice get drowned out. “Protect” meansIt ’s a jarring word,Is it really good? If you protect it in one place,A fence was built,Stacked,More and moreFrom that placeI can’t move. Like damming a river with stonesIf you stop the flow of water,Saturated soonIt will break. Human way of thinking,System tooIf you stick to a successful example,Despite changes around youThe system and successful...

Leather artist teaches how to repair scratches and dents on the leather bag
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Leather artist teaches how to repair scratches and dents on the leather bag

Vintage salvatore bought by his companion Siberian blue robin The back of Ferragamo Unexpected shape loss, wrinkles, scratches due to leather dents, And since the serious scratches on the handle were noticeable, I repaired it in a hurry. Leisure people’s main business is the production of small leather goods, so a well-made bag The repair was interesting. The specialty of leisure people is tannin tanning, The texture of Ferragamo’s chrome-tanned back Similar to the texture...

Southeast Asian mosquito measures

Validated! How to protect yourself from the mosquito, the most feared enemy in Southeast ...

The scariest enemies across Southeast Asia are: Not hot, ripp-off, security “mosquito“. (There is not much rip-off and the security is not bad either.) Mosquitoes are familiar in the world, A little bit, it ’s like It’s not that cute because it’s noisy at your ears. They carry a troublesome epidemic. Sometimes life-threatening. I will write more later, Malaria, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis,  Chikungunya and Zika virus. etc. Then, to protect yourself, “If you want...

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