Validated! How to protect yourself from the mosquito, the most feared enemy in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asian mosquito measures

The scariest enemies across Southeast Asia are:
Not hot, ripp-off, security
(There is not much rip-off and the security is not bad either.)
Mosquitoes are familiar in the world,

A little bit, it ’s like
It’s not that cute because it’s noisy at your ears.
They carry a troublesome epidemic.
Sometimes life-threatening.
I will write more later,
Malaria, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis
Chikungunya and Zika virus. etc.
Then, to protect yourself, “If you want to get a vaccination riddle,
This is quite expensive. “

Including vaccinations other than mosquitoes,
It is on par with a ticket.
And there are no dengue, zika and chikungunya vaccines.
The best prevention is to avoid getting stung.
We stayed in Cambodia Bali for 40 days without vaccination,
I have been bitten by a mosquito about four times.
I will write about that practice.

1・Mosquito-borne diseases.

2. About “mosquito-related” vaccination

3.Practical prevention methods

4. What should I use after all?

<1. Mosquito-borne diseases>

About malaria.
The malaria danger zone in Cambodia
, Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, the whole area except around
Tonle Sap Lake

Has become
It is unknown if it really doesn’t slip in.
When you get malaria,
Fever, headache, muscle pain, respiratory symptoms, hot flush,
Gastrointestinal inflammation may appear. (After 10-30 days incubation period)
Anyway, if you don’t treat quickly,
It seems to be severe and can lead to death.

About dengue fever.
Sudden fever, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, rash, etc.
It seems to appear.
Some may develop severe
orms of dengue hemorrhagic fever.
After the incubation period (2-15 days).
People I met during the trip also suffered from dengue fever,
He seemed to have been hospitalized for about three days,
and he was pretty bad.

About Zika fever.
Mild fever, headache, rash, muscle pain, joint pain,
Conjunctivitis appears.
Infections during pregnancy can cause fetal microcephaly,
It can cause neurological symptoms (Guillan-Barre syndrome).
After the incubation period (2-12 days).

About Japanese encephalitis.
High fever, headache, nausea, vomiting,
Abnormal behavior, impaired consciousness, convulsions, neuropathy, etc. appear.
(6-16 days) After incubation period.

About Chikungunya fever.
Sudden fever, headache, muscle pain, rash, joint pain, etc.
Seems to appear,
Joint pain continues after acute symptoms subside
It may last for weeks to months.

<2. About mosquito-related vaccinations. 〉

About malaria prevention.
There is no vaccination,

Oral prophylaxis of antimalarial drugs is effective.
If you are diagnosed with malaria
It seems to be treated with antimalarial drugs.
The price is 6 tablets for malaria prevention,
About 12,000 yen.
Take one or two weeks before travel and start taking one tablet once a week
She seems to continue taking the medicine for 4 weeks after returning to Japan.
It can be even higher if you stay longer.
About dengue prevention
There is no vaccination because there is no vaccine.
In addition, there is no special treatment, and it will provide symptomatic treatment.
Recently confirmed around the world,

No mosquito bites.

About   Zika fever prevention.
Like dengue fever
There is no vaccination because there is no vaccine.
In addition, there is no special treatment, and it will provide symptomatic treatment.

About  Japanese encephalitis prevention.
If you are over 25
It is recommended to start with the first vaccination. (3 inoculations)
It is a precautionary measure to receive vaccinations three or two times.
If you stay in the infected area for a long time, booster (3rd time)
It is recommended that you inoculate every three years thereafter.
Prices range from 5,000 to 8,000 yen each time.

About chikungunya fever prevention.
Like Dengue fever and Zika fever
There is no vaccination because there is no vaccine.
In addition, there is no special treatment, and it will provide symptomatic treatment. .

<3.Practical prevention method>

It’s time for a mosquito-fighting human counterattack!
Carpenter, raise the beams on the roof!
First of all, with people who are susceptible to mosquito bites
Keep in mind that some people are difficult to bite.
For those who are easily stabbed, disinfecting the soles of the feet makes stabbing difficult.
In our opinion, I am relatively hard to bite.
Koruri is a mosquito restaurant and is easy to bite.
Second, it is fundamental not to expose the skin.

However, Cambodia and Southeast Asia are hot.
Because it ’s uncomfortablely hot,
It’s so hot that you want to tear off your clothes.
So what you need is “climbing wear.


this is, This is the clothes I actually took.

Anyway, let me sweat away and it’s airy,
It significantly reduces the heat.
Some have a UV cut function.
Since we have been climbing mountains,
In Japan, we use mountain climbing wear all year round.
Especially in summer, comfort is different.


There are three types of insect repellent gut.

1 ・ Insect repellent spray for skin

2. Room insect repellent spray

3. Insect repellent spray for clothes

<1. Insect repellent spray for skin>
The components of the insect repellent spray for skin are
There are three main types.
Depending on the ingredients, the kind of insect
that is effective also changes.

The first is the highest-distributed Diet.
The ingredients of Deet are effective and the insect repellent effect is exhibited,
(Mosquito, botfly, Black fly, ixodid, Flea, Stomoxys, chigger
It is tropical rat mitebed bug.
Insects are the most effective type,
but there are some caveats.

It means that the ingredients are too strong for long use.
Of particular concern is avoiding bed bugs.

I have wrestled with bed bugs for about a week in Thailand.
They have fired the powerful insecticide twice, but are not dying.
Hitting with sandals does not kill you in one shot,
It’s more troublesome than a cockroach.

When the itch comes out, you need to leave the house.
However, there were no bed bugs in the inn.
A traveler from India brought me back,
Because it spread throughout the inn,

Once you get it, it’s not.
One month later, I was not at the same inn.
And it’s easy to see if there are any bed bugs.
It checks for blood marks on the wall before staying at the inn
That is.

When bitten by a bed bug, it itches and powerful insecticides do not work,
It’s just smashing.

Diet that avoids such insects seems to have very strong ingredients,
When I looked it up, I found it at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention II (CDC)
There was such a description.

  • Avoid palms and face (especially eyes, mouth) especially when used for infants.
  • Do not leave on for a long time. Approximately 4 hours for children and 8 hours for adults.
  • If longer use is anticipated,
    Use a low-concentration material or apply a thin coat.
  • If you leave the opportunity to contact the insects, such as after returning home,
    Use soap immediately and wash off.

What comes from the sentence is,
Because the ingredients are strong, be really careful.

It is like writing dangerous goods.
In an environment like Cambodia, there is a problem.

There are mosquitoes all the time.

If it is a hotel yet, a hotel for about $ 15 is
Because there is not much airtightness,
Since mosquitoes enter, they cannot be washed off.

The second is Icarizine.

A natural ingredient that has been used in many countries around the world for more than 30 years.
No side effects. There is no usage limit.
Because it can be used by children,
In Japan, it is available as an insect repellent spray for children.
The active ingredient concentration of Icarizine is about half of Diet,
If Icarizine is 15%, it is as effective as Diet 30%
I am aware.

The components of Icarizine are effective
and the insect repellent effect is exhibited,

(Mosquito, botfly, Black fly, ixodid, Flea.)

The effect is demonstrated in the Deet,
Stomoxys, chigger It is tropical rat mitebed bug.)
Does not work,
I will write about the measures later, so don’t worry.
Icarizine is a natural ingredient that can be used by children without any restrictions,
Stomoxys, chigger ・ It is tropical rat mite ・ bed bug.)
Remember that it doesn’t work.

The third is herbal.
Herbs are too varied to be honest,
Write only your story.

When I was working at an inn in Okinawa, a lot of mosquitoes came out
I thought I might live in a mosquito nest.
Someone tweeted. Doesn’t lemongrass work?
With half-doubt and doubt,
When you plant lemongrass in the garden,
Oh mysterious. The mosquito has disappeared at all.

Back to the main subject, which herb works
It’s like a bet,
This time, it is not recommended.
Also, it is better to use a liquid type spray.
Gas cans are more likely to be thrown away at airports.

And it is safer to put it in your checked baggage.

About <2. Insect repellent for rooms> and carry-on.
What we actually took was
Male only vap one push type mosquito repellent insecticide spray 240 times no fragrance

The effect actually was.
In a room that is not completely sealed
I felt I needed about 2 pushes,
※ Because there may be harm to the body,
Please adjust each.
Another reason for this is that
Can I carry on an airplane? is.
Combustibles, including lighters, cannot be deposited. (Depending on the country)
The vapor contains combustible LP gas,
Airports in Thailand, airports in Cambodia, airports in Malaysia,
At airports in Indonesia, we put them in checked baggage,
It was not thrown away.
From here on, I’m imagining like
It’s a vapor liquid, so it didn’t look flammable.
It is written in Japanese, and it is troublesome to pull it out.
It is unknown whether another gas can type can be carried.
By the way, in Cambodia, I saw room vape (for 7 hours).
There seems to be 10 hours in Bali.
(Because it is ambiguous whether I actually saw it in Bali)

Southeast Asian mosquito measures

About <3. Insect repellent spray for clothes>.
In the picture above, the
permethrin component was blended,
Insect repellent spray for clothes.
Sawyer Product Premium Permethrin
Insect repellent trigger spray for clothing insect repellent “

● Those who are easily bitten by insects
● Odorless type for 6 weeks (even after washing)
● For outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and camping
● Mosquito and tick insect repellent
● For fire ants, poison ants and cockroaches
● Can be used as a fly fly, tsutsugamushi, gnat, and flea
● For long outdoor activities
● Does not damage clothes, plastic or outdoor gear
● When traveling or traveling

I actually used it this time.
Apply to about 10 climbing wears
I went to Cambodia and Bali,
I was not bitten by mosquitoes,
Koruri was usually stabbed from the top of the wear,
The effect is not clear,
If you want to use it, you may want to try it.
In addition, it is a material that uses insect repellent ingredients,
Wear using Insect Shield
Fire Fox Fire,
Such as the Skolon series,
You can buy it at stores or online that handle mountain climbing wear.
The effect is unknown at this time, as we haven’t tried it yet.

What's good after all?

● Wearing mountaineering wear and long sleeved pants.

Wear shoes instead of sandals.

Disinfect the soles.

● In Cambodia, stay in a room with a cooler.
(We all stayed in a room with a cooler at all Cambodian places.)

● I think that Bali is all right in a room with a fan.
(We also stayed in the fan room.)

Body is Icarizine.
Angel skin vapor insect repellent spray
Another tick is the tick,
but I mainly pay attention when I go to bed,

Spray for mites brought to Japan from bed
We dealt it carefully.

Bed bug measures,
Before renting a room,
After the room was shown first,
Just look at the wall and make sure there are no traces of blood.
(If the insects come out, carefully clean your luggage and escape immediately!)

● For rooms,
Male only vap one push type mosquito repellent insecticide spray 240 times no fragrance

● For clothes,
“Sawyer Product
Premium Permethrin Insect Repellent Trigger Spray
Try or
Whether to try Insect Shield or Skolon products.
Still, in case of a stab,
With overseas travel insurance, know where the hospital is,
Contacting insurance companies and making collect calls
Measures such as writing a master note are important.

Southeast Asia Overseas Travel Insurance

海外旅行保険については、 こちらをどうぞ。




Southeast Asia rabies vaccination





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