Solitude is an excellent spirit, saying photo

Solitude is an excellent spirit, saying photo
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Schopenhauer Quotations

Solitude is the fate of a good spirit

Everyone wants to get drunk.
On your smartphone
To religion
To be an idol
For sports
For gambling
To someone’s thought.

I’m afraid of loneliness.
I’ve never experienced loneliness
I’m scared.

About others
I can understand
I can accomplish something
Wise self
I don’t lie
Respected self
I gather people’s desires
Humorous self
Like a novel
I am living my life
I am going through a shining daily life

A little serious
Calmly yourself
If you look at life
I’m not anywhere like that
I’m sober and dull
I know I’m myself.

Take others seriously
If you try to understand
You will know what you cannot do.

If you try to be different
That you are the only one
I just understand.

With the world I see
The world seen by all others
totally different.

Even words
If you leave your mouth
With what was intended
In a completely different way
It will be transmitted.

The more you know yourself
Knowing that you are different from others
Can’t cross
You will see the wall.

I’m lonely
but it’s just that.

In loneliness
The part that can be shared
I have no choice but to look for and live

It ’s different and it ’s natural
I just have to give up and live.

Because I’m lonely
When you’re thirsty
Like drinking water
Even temporarily
You can feel the moisture.

but it’s just that.



I am a leisure person. My motto is to have a {free time} in my heart. When I have no time in my mind, when I see and think about various things I'm stuck. Now I'm willing to spend my spare time thinking, acting, working, I want to be able to take my leisure time freely I want to be the "master of time". If you roughly write what you have been doing so far, Moved about 15...




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