Higher than going to archeological sites rip-off tonle sap lake


It’s the first rip-off of my life.

I’ve been traveling for more than ten years,
I met my first rip-off.
Tonle Sap Commercial Law.
I’ve been to Cambodia before,
Angkor Wat, Benmeria, Banteai Slay,
Bayon Temple, Phnom, Phnom, Chrome, etc.
All locally arranged motorbike taxis and tuk-tuks,
In other Southeast Asia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.
It is highly blown up in the market,
There were times when the meter of the taxi was high speed,
It is the first time that I have been ripped off so beautifully.
Before, you can get local information in the inn,
Because the sense of smell was also trained, it was possible to avoid the rip-off.

It was done on the third day when it was floating in the trip after a long time.
This was a strangely inspiring and interesting experience.
If this rip-off system is in Cambodia for a long time,
There are things that come into view.
with specific examples of the system.

I’m going to write it.

OnlyPersonal impressionsSo,
To read this and go convincingly,
I think that it can be enjoyed by the person who can enjoy it.
In a sense, it is full of Asian feeling.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch

I’ve been in Cambodia for 25 days.
If you walk the road to Tuk’s grandpa, every day you get a solicitation
(In the second half, I was able to remember my face and it decreased dramatically,, but)
What is common is Angkor Wat?Next to
Tonle Sap while grinning?It is to be asked.
If it could get so one prey,

It’s a bad business.

If it is two, three, and four five, laughter will not stop.
I know the tour company, too.
And some of the postcards you always see at convenience stores and souvenir shops,
I’m processing an image.
Photos of Tonle Sap Lake like a lively floating market
It looks like a nice place.
We think that pre-information leads to preconceptions,
I didn’t see any information about the Remains.
So, from the postcard view,
There is a village of the floating market,
In tourist spots such as shopping and cafes while looking at the lake,
It’s connected by bridges, etc., and it’s a place where we can walk around freely.
I was wondering what it was.
I didn’t have any intention of going, so I just imagined it.
The young tuk young man who was in Was before disappeared, but
Tuk’s grandpas also seem to be a good person with a basic smile
I was thinking this time.
The day before, I went to various markets to collect daily necessities,
In the afternoon when I was shopping to buy clothes,
To Tuk near Pub Street
I was spoken to.
It was just about time we were heading to the Old Market.


What is Tonle Sap Lake like?

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

At Domuang Airport in Thailand and the imiation of Cambodia,
I can’t understand my free time’s Sloppy English very well, so why?
When I was thinking,

I’ve been talking to you in English that I can understand.
that even Sloppy English is well understood
I think I’ve forgiven myself.
Where are you going?
(freeman) go shopping at the market.
The market is expensive and the same things are sold.
Do you know Tonle Sap?
I just looked at the postcards and I don’t know.
The village of Tonle Sap is cheaper for shopping.
There are so many things I’ve never seen before!
And it’s a really beautiful place!
(freeman) really a beautiful place?Can you buy something good?
Of course, it’s Berry Beautiful!You can buy it.
It’s cheap.It’s absolutely good to be able to do sightseeing.
There’s a crocodile, and there’s a fish farm.(not interested)
How much will you pay?
I’ll go for twelve dollars.
(freeman) round trip?
It’s 12 dollars a way and 24 dollars round trip.
It’s more than 30km and it’s cheap – it’s twice as good if it’s a tour.
The sunset is also great.
(free man) It’s raining, isn’t it?
It might clear up while shopping okay!
(free man) 24 dollars only for two people?
Of course, it’s 24 dollars in total.

I explained it to Kojima in the back, and asked her.

“It’s raining, but I’ll go there,” she says, showing his bewilderment.
I’m free today and I haven’t talked much with the local people.

I decided to go.

Can you go one way for 12 dollars?
It’s better to go back and forth, because I’m waiting.
(Freeman) No, it’s a hassle to decide the time, so it’s one way.
I’ll catch someone on my way home.
I can see that time to a guy who seems to be cheerful and interesting somehow,
While talking, ihadid scenery is looked sideways, there is a sense of travel,
The green was beautiful and it was fun to go.


I’m getting suspicious

It’ll be coming soon.And
A big signboard of the mystery appeared,
Tuk’s brother begins to explain.
There is a cruising tour on Lake Tonle Sap, so I recommend it.
(free man) Hmm.That’s right.(No interest, no intention of riding.))

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch

A mysterious gate appears.

From the signboard, villagers and houses began to increase here and there,
In the picture, shops were lined up.(Daily necessities, drinks, etc.)

And then

I’m selling TICKET here, so buy it.
I don’t need it because I’m not interested in touring.
No, you need to buy it before you go inside.
What about ?I’m not listening.
Can’t I walk?
You didn’t say that, did you?
Didn’t I tell you?If you don’t buy TICKET, you won’t be able to enter the village.
Do you want to go home?It says.
Let’s see.I’ve come this far, just a drive for 24 dollars.
It’s raining, but when I go back here,
we’re not coming again, are you going?
It seems not to be very anxious, but Because Kojima also agreed,

When I go to buy a TICKET, The guy at the TICKET shop says、
it’s 80 dollars for two people for 40 dollars per person.

(freeman) high! high!Why is it so expensive just to enter the village?
It’s not expensive.Charter a big ship to a market or
I’m going around the shop.It’s a charter.
Ha?Can’t we walk?All the boats?
You can’t walk.
You have to charter a boat before you can go.
(The guy of the ticket center)
i understand that it’s good for 60 dollars for two people.

(freeman) high.
After ten minutes of ten minutes, I talked with Kojima.
Well, now that we’ve come this far,
It was a mistake that it came to go.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch

There are no tuk-tuks.

Shall We wait for you to come home?
I don’t need a free man.I’ll look for it myself, so it’s okay to go one way.
There’s no other tuk-tuk here.
Because only the bus of the tour comes,
I’ll be waiting for you.Thirty dollars is fine.
You said it was 24 dollars, right?
It’s a long wait, and it’s a waiting fee.
You’ve confirmed that it’s 24 dollars in all, right?
I didn’t hear about tickets at the beginning, so what?
I’m sorry.I didn’t tell you, but there’s no tuk here, is it?

Looking around, it’s not really there.
If I were alone, I’d be able to walk to the main street forever and go home.
This time we were two, so we didn’t have a choice.
T`m going to hit him.When you get to Siemre.
Let’s do it.

A wonderful tour.

This is a rip-off tour, so let’s see the whole story!
If you go to the market, what kind of crap will you have?
I tried to see what it was like to sell it.
I tried to take my mind off Kojima,
In the splendid Boring boat that is likely to sink,
Perverted child and Parents of child.
It’s just like the image.After all, eyes are dead.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

It rained a little, and a ragship went through the muddy water.
The child behind him is playing with his smartphone without expression.
On the way, I passed each other in the boat with other tour guests,
The eyes stare at the void, and no one reacts.
Losing valuable money and time.
It is only going through this mysterious village by a rag ship.
She’s probably trying to see herself in a beautiful place.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

That is a school.That is.
In an attempt to pretend to be a tour 
They say it with out of motivation.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

It’s fun.
Kojima is staring at somewhere to see something, but
It seems to be looking at the emptiness.
That’s Asia.
I don’t know why, but the rip-off tour is Asian.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

Mangrove, right?
What do you think?

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

The boat finally arrived at the attraction hall,
We get off the boat.
When we enter the house on the water,
There are quite a few people, and a very intriguing aquarium is lined up in the back,
It says Fish Farm.
guy was sitting in a chair.
A terrible boat is floating.
You can see the monkey.
That’s great!You want a ride?
I don’t feel like riding this sinking mud boat.
(free man) free?
Five dollars.
(freeman) I’m not going.
guys look here with a face saying why he doesn’t go
Fish Farm?
(freeman) NO.
Of course, Kojima also agrees and returns to the ragboat.
Why is the boat family too?guys look here with a face saying why he doesn’t go、

We don’t go, right?

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

The next stop was Crocodile Farm.
The guy of the boat family glanced at
Do you want to see it?I’ve been saying,
Of course (free man, Kojima) NO.
guy seems to have given up.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

The river spread, through the Manflaubu forest, in a wide place of the lake
The man shouted Tonle Sap!
(Freeman) is beautiful.
muddy water and cloudy sky.
Life is nothing.
The hand with the camera freezes,
guy gave up on us who didn’t even take pictures.
The boat departs.
If it sinks in a place like this, it’s a good thing.
In such a thought, I was staring at the scenery of the constant.

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

I saw Crocodile Farm on the way.
I paid an extra fee for what,
Two caught women are in great shape.
The shutter was turned to the place like a small water tank with a single-lens reflex.
What are they looking at?
Sometimes pass by tour
Did they take their facial expressions to MONKEYs?

What is Kojima like?
Kojima are staring at the void even though I haven’t been to MONKEY.

In the arms and ears of a child who has moved forward

Gold accessories are shining.
Are you happy?
What kind of gold accessories did you sell and get?
Are you proud of the family who buys glitter?

On Tonle Sap Lake Snatch Tour

In the end.

That?What about the market?
I didn’t expect it, but
I was going to see how they were selling it.
There is no such energy here.

When you get off the boat,
Dip?Tip?guy is saying something.
What’s up?What are you saying?
He was pointing his hand up, so he said he’d give me a tip.
I’m already spending nearly a hundred dollars and meaningless money today.
I pay for the cruise.
I’ve already paid for my waste.

And get out of the ship,

I went to Tuk,
You’re a liar.
I didn’t even say ticket,
The waiting fee,
And, it was said that Cheaper in the first place,
There is no market itself,
I wasted precious time and money.
At first I thought it was a good guy, but it was completely different.
I’m going home early.
I’m sorry and A little depressed,
On the way, an acquaintance comes up.
Silent in a heavy atmosphere.
The road to Siemre is also silent by ourselves.
The rain was getting stronger, but I left it as it was.
I’m not looking at the appeal that is wet with a gesture somehow,
It’s just suffering the consequences.

I’m sure he’ll eat something delicious with this dirty money, but

Can you be proud of it?yourself and work.

How was the worst of this trip even after getting off,

I said how much time it took to come.
I apologize again, but,

Tomorrow?Angkor Wat?
Oh, that’s right.
He doesn’t even think he’s bad.
Ever since we broke up saying i’ll never ask you
I have never seen this guy.
I’m starting to laugh.Can’t hate him.
First of all, I heard everything from here,
It’s our fault that we didn’t keep everything in mind.

By the way, Benmeria – Bantei Ice Ray
To the Ruins of Qubarspian
When I went by Tuk Tuk, we were together.30 dollars.
The money I paid for at Tonle Sap Lake this time
Tuk fee 30 dollars.The ticket costs 60 dollars.
Total90 dollarsIt is the place of such a feeling to pay.

GO to Tonle Sap!



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