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About this site

asia long stay lode

I’m a free man with Kojima.

If it changes, so does the point of view.
I f
it changes, common sense changes easily.

This time,

I started walking on the road to a long stay in Asia.
I still have languages, visas, and work.

I don’t have anything in my hand.

What i’m going to experience,

What I’ve experienced, what
I’ve seen and felt with my own eyes,

I would like to deliver real information thro
ugh our experiences like blood and blood.

We don’t know what kind of blog we’re going to grow up with,
but we’re going to take it step by step.

When you go abroad, it is interesting that values are more easily overturned.

New values
Overthrow your values

Without realizing that my values were solidified,
I learned that through experience..

Oh, that’s fine, that’s fine.
And, I’m glad that my power goes away

Visa, work, and daily
life through experience

What else?

Kojima puts it on a picture and the free person delivers the photograph and the information.                



Overseas Survival Skills
Overseas Survival Skills 10%
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