The urge to travel is、、Quote photo

The urge to travel is、、Quote photo
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The urge to travel is
One of the hopeful symptoms of life

The earth is beautiful.
There are countless new worlds yet to be seen.
Countless different values, cultures and ways of thinking
A world full of mysteries.

Travel is what we have accumulated
Throw it away,
The best way to rebuild.

In the unknown world, your common sense cannot be communicated.
By going to the territory where the power that you have applied can not communicate,
What you can do,
I understand that I can not do it,
What you need,
Things you don’t need come into view.

In pursuit of ideals in reality,
Expand the world,
When thinking about the time to die,
There is not much time left to think and stop.

If you are really alive,
There is no choice but to continue to innovate.






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