Pride is asked about what to throw away, quote photo

Pride is asked about what to throw away, quote photo
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Pride is asked by what to throw away,
Affection is asked by what to protect.

In a situation where there is no end
The true value of human beings is revealed.

When you run out of room,
To survive
Immediate profits
Jump to inertia
Lose pride.

Immediate profits
Grabbing inertia means
To pride and belief
The person who resonated with me
Not only to lose
With pride and belief
Lose forever.

Once profitable or inertial
If you become a captive
Around myself
The people who gather are also
Dominated by inertia
Become people.

The abandoned belief
No matter where you look
Never return.

The lie that I once told
If unleashed
Don’t go back
Tell a new lie
There is no choice but to go.

To protect
Swear to yourself
It’s dignity.

If you lose dignity
Lose respect for others
I lost my facial expression
Fall into hunger.

Immediate profits
Abandon selfishness and inertia,
Keep your beliefs and pride
You must have dignity.



I am a leisure person. My motto is to have a {free time} in my heart. When I have no time in my mind, when I see and think about various things I'm stuck. Now I'm willing to spend my spare time thinking, acting, working, I want to be able to take my leisure time freely I want to be the "master of time". If you roughly write what you have been doing so far, Moved about 15...




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