Being a human being is a quote photo

Being a human being is a quote photo
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Saint-Exupéry quote

Being a human is very responsible.
In front of misery that has nothing to do with me
To know shame.

We can show miserable news every day.
Passing the sigh, miserable and ugly news.

Some are
Than human life
End to responsibility transfer,
Some are
Because of a virus
Everyday depression
I hit people who only have different skin colors,
Some are
For small change
Scattering news that incites confusion,
Some are
Using human misfortune as an attack material,
Some are
Ran to buy and resell,
Some are
Think only about yourself
Spread the virus around the world,
He makes his own materials to be attacked.

Every human being is representative of something,
It symbolizes something.
Without any self-responsibility,
Take care that you can’t take responsibility.

The attack is
Eventually, he will return to himself and his surroundings.

The pride once lost will never return.

If you don’t boast of shame,
Stop pretending to be human,
I want you to be innocent.

If you ’re still proud,
I want you to look in front of you again.

What is suffering is
Being the same person only.
The attacking human is now
He will be attacked tomorrow.
The trick is
That tomorrow will be deceived.
The reverse of the negative chain
That you can choose.



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