You always lose in calm.Quote photo

You always lose in calm. You are always hostile in the wild. So discard those two Take the middle path
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Indian proverb

You always lose in calm.
You are always hostile in the wild.
So discard those two
Take the middle path

The world is made up of
White or black?
Right or wrong?
Not in such a narrow world,
Countless points with laws.

When climbing a mountain,
As the goal is to climb to the top early,
A steep and short climbing course
Suppose you have a slow, long climb.

If your goal is to climb fast,
I climb a steep course,
When you reach the top,
Physical strength is barely.
You don’t need to use much physical strength
The gentle road is
Lose time
You will lose your strength for a long time.

It’s like a rabbit and a turtle,
Which is the quickest descent?

Which is the faster of the two round trips?

First of all, you can’t tell unless you actually climb.

Either way, like everyone,
When competing,
It’s just a fight over the difference in physical strength.
Why do we need to go either way?

I can keep my physical strength to some extent,
I think you should find a way to reach the top some time soon.

However, that road is not a road that someone has created,
It is not the path that someone has taken.

Only those who believe that way,
A path that can be created and found.
I think that way is the middle way.

As long as you try to fit either,
The world is narrow and cramped.
Just the thing in front of you,
You just have to look at it.

Mysterious fights like cat lovers vs dog lovers,
Isn’t both good and cute?

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I am a leisure person. My motto is to have a {free time} in my heart. When I have no time in my mind, when I see and think about various things I'm stuck. Now I'm willing to spend my spare time thinking, acting, working, I want to be able to take my leisure time freely I want to be the "master of time". If you roughly write what you have been doing so far, Moved about 15...




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