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A picture of a human being over the situation is a quote
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Haruki Murakami's quote

If you can see the human beings beyond the situation,
I can put up with most things.

I have no imagination
Things from different angles
If you don’t have the power to watch,
The field of view narrows,
You will become a straight-forward person.

If you are dominated by emotions
Just looking at yourself
It pushes the rightness to people.

Culture and
If the background is different,
Things are fundamental
It’s a different view.

Culture and
Background is similar
Even the same race
In the background
The life you have followed,
What you carry
totally different.

Not wrong,
Just me and others
It’s just a different view.

If you feel irritated,
Take a breath
The background of that person
It is important to watch.

See yourself objectively
Don’t be dominated by emotions.

Instead of looking at the surface,
You have to see what you can’t see.



I am a leisure person. My motto is to have a {free time} in my heart. When I have no time in my mind, when I see and think about various things I'm stuck. Now I'm willing to spend my spare time thinking, acting, working, I want to be able to take my leisure time freely I want to be the "master of time". If you roughly write what you have been doing so far, Moved about 15...




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