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Jim Rogers Quotes

There is nothing better than struggling
and creating your own path.

Away from the visible path
If you climb the mountain
Sharp branches that tear your body
With residents with sharp fangs and claws
Share death.

Hiding in the yab
The road to Naraku
Might happen.

When climbing
Road dead ends
Even the way home
I lose sight.

Look around
No one is lost in the same path.

Absolute loneliness
In absolute anxiety
Based on the conviction to reach
I have no choice but to take steps.

In loneliness and anxiety
Gradually into the situation
I will adapt.

at least
It’s not because of the people around me,
I never met my companion
My way

To the top
As long as there is life

The road that only I walked is
Shape beliefs.



I am a free time person. My motto is to have {casting} in my heart. If you don't have time to spare, I'm stuck. Now I think about my time, act, work, I want to be free to spend my leisure time, I want to be the "master of time". Roughly describing what I have been doing, I moved about 15 times. Traveling alone (7 years (Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA Gifu, Yamagata, Kumamoto, Oita, Nagasaki, Kagoshima,...




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