True ignorance and conscientious stupidity,Quote photo

True ignorance and conscientious stupidity, a quote photo
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True ignorance and conscientious stupidity,
Nothing is dangerous in this world

What is happening between humans is
Whether it ’s environmental protection or organic
Whether it ’s vegan
Whether it ’s folk medicine
Whether it ’s about warming
What the world of capitalism can reach now
It’s about money and politics.

Not interested in economic and political flows,
As something unrelated to you
Living human beings
There is no judgment,
I don’t have the ability to think.

as a result,
The easiest and no conclusion,
At first glance
We do “eco” and “natural conservation”.

Humans without the ability to think,
I think I know.

So that you do not know
Gather more unknown people
A specific person,
At a specific location
Shut up,
Attack with kindness.

Information flows from right to left,
In order to further satisfy self-esteem,
Advertise exaggeratedly.

It ’s just a cult,
Things you can understand with a little thought
I do not think,
To scatter
It contains annoying goodwill.

The information message game is
The more you continue,
It becomes superstition.

Chaos must be cult.

The means to check the authenticity of information is
With suspicion,
Take multiple backs,
You have to compare it to your experience.

Knowing that things have a front and a back,
Knowing how ignorant you are.



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